lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Pornographers United for Trade on Art (PUTA)

In recent years we have seen X movies made by women in response to the sexist way in which these movies are usually made and their narrow, phallocentrist, racist and classist topics, just for the enjoyment of a few.

Women need to create this kind of movies not only to criticize or to try to abolish it -in the worst or most naive case- or just ignore it, but producing movies that we -women and men- would like to watch from our different subjectivities.

So this pornographic visual production, intends to be a space where concepts move, are inverted in order to make different readings from different points of view, gender, race, sexual interests...

Beyond binary constructions and morality, to produce pornography is a form of entertainment and a reappropriation action, a political space, where you can rename things... A place for enunciation.

Pornographers United for Trade on Art (PUTA), is a company created by female artists who aim to perform a series of pieces that move around postpornography, postfeminism, plus BDSM aesthetic, but all under a very clear concept: pieces made by women, no macho content, in which women reappropriate their bodies and have sex as we'd like to see, far from moral, state and scientific inscriptions.

We also intend to seek the pornographic visual entertainment, our proposal can be better or worse -we do not know- but different anyway.

As porn star and performance artist Annie Sprinkle famously said, The answer to bad porn isn't no porn… it's to try and make better porn!
We hope you can enjoy this artistic and postpornographic site. It is made especially for you. 
United for
Trade on

Más sobre PUTA siguiendo este enlace: KAPORNA

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